About this project:

These clients saw our work at the home of a friend and hired us on the spot. You can imagine our delight when we met and realized we were childhood neighbors who used to play together.


Our clients used to work in the construction industry so they understand that bringing a designer in at the very beginning of a project is the easiest way to ensure you get your forever dream home. We help you decide where to invest your hard-earned money, design each room while keeping an overall cohesion, and most importantly, we are there to take the stress away from a very demanding process.


We worked alongside the architects to develop the best floor plan for the family’s needs. In this sprawling ranch house, the central open living area is separated from the quieter bedroom wing, all with a secret passage to get from one area to the other. The sprawling kitchen has an open dining space and a direct view into the vaulted beamed ceiling of the great room. Rich grained woods, one-of-a-kind hand-glazed tiles, and natural wood beams create a warm, luxurious house for this family to grow into.

Lauren is an amazing design advocate during the building process. She is not only very talented, but very technical- a rare combination.

Brynn S.

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