About this project:

This longtime family friend hosted my wedding reception at her previous house, and I wanted to return the favor by creating something equally as special for her. (I’m not crying, you’re crying.) We started when she was ready to begin the next chapter of her life by downsizing. The goal was to start fresh but keep the quality and lifestyle she had grown accustomed to in her larger home.


We began with her beloved art collection and designed around it. Carefully collected neutrals, European textiles, and muted colors make for a sophisticated and timeless home. We kept all the entertaining functions of her life but re-thought the when and where. The wine bar was transformed into a custom library and entertainment center, and the home office was worked into an open loft space that looks over the great room. Her grown children still have their own rooms that reflect their personal styles to ensure family gatherings are fun, comfortable, and frequent!

I downsized from a larger home, and Lauren helped me reinvent my new style without sacrificing the quality I had grown accustomed to. The joy I feel when I walk in my home is immeasurable.

Diane G

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