About this project:

Low and behold, Lauren’s kitchen.

Two small boys, an Interior Designer, and a Doctor call this space home and had very different ideas of how this space should look and function. *Insert months of discussions and late-night design presentations here.

It all started with the desire to change the layout and look of this space. We have a long skinny kitchen and it was cut in half by a high bar top creating two separate spaces in the kitchen.

Great Design can be smart and cost-saving. Here are some ways we balance our budget with our grand wish list because well, money is real.

The color was a bold choice, but you know what? It’s easily changeable in 5 years, makes me happy, and hides the damage from my kids.

The kitchen hood is made from an architectural salvage. It was the top of a 13’ tall door saved from a cathedral in Chicago while it was being demolished. (My husband technically pointed it out to me, and would like you all to know he deserves the credit. The 10+ hours of coordination to get it just right belong to me. Ha!)

– We left out a few cabinets, we didn’t need them, this made the space feel bigger.

– We refinished our wood floors instead of replacing them.

– We took advantage of wasted space in the wall, added a cabinet, and voilà, our spice cabinet was born.

– Our oven and microwave combined into one streamlined appliance bring the right function and makes it look more modern.

– The desk space was a giant corner desk, we slimmed it down, and added a lower cabinet to hide our computers. The pinboard is a special commercially used product that we integrated to help control invites, art, etc. The alligator clips across the room organize and limit the kid’s artwork from taking over the space.

– Did you notice that we have two different types of cabinets? We kept our old ones surrounding the desk and painted them the same color as our glorious new ones. I dare say no one has ever noticed.

– Our countertops are a slab we fell in love with, together. I love the light colors, but we don’t see every single crumb.

– By taking away some upper cabinets we opted for open shelves that make our daily lives easier and the visual space gained is incredible! The kitchen feels wider, more open, and inviting.

– I knew this kitchen renovation was the right answer the first time we had dinner and the kids sat at the island, and my husband and I had a mini-date at the table.

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