Our Story

Our Story

Exciting News!

This is many years in the making. we’ve grown, honed, and shifted through the last 10 years, and we’re so excited to share with you our final story.

The Evolution

I started this company in 2014 with the mission to show the world what incredible design can do for their life. Starting my career jet setting across the world, there were so many experiences I wanted to share with my community. I wanted to listen to our client’s dreams and show them what is possible in their homes. So after I got married and started a family I knew it was time to hang up my frequent flier miles and moved back to the place I grew up to raise my family.

Naperville is a town that feels like home and welcomes people with open arms. I am proud to serve our community and for our studio to be a staple of downtown Naperville. We began with humble beginnings working out of my kitchen, but the trust our amazing clients have shown us allowed us to grow to the team we are today. To those that have we had the opportunity to work with, we thank you!

Throughout this growth, you have known us as LC Interiors, but we have honed and grown into the new company name of … Lauren Collander Interiors. Not only is our name getting an upgrade, but we also have even more exciting news!

Our Newest Addition!

We have daydreamed about this moment for years, but I am happy to announce our newest partner at our firm, the one, the only, Matt Collander.

Matt is joining the team as a Partner, CFO, and Director of Business. I am so excited to have him, his support, and his mind.

As most of you know, my husband Matt is an Emergency Room Physician and the pandemic did not treat us well. Matt has retired from medicine and is coming to join me as my right-hand man.  The pandemic woke us up – choosing our family, our joy, and our weekends has become increasingly important to us. Matt is our #1 fan and has been supporting me behind the scenes for 10 years. It’s so fitting as we celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary we enter into this new stage in our life. He is the smartest person I know (sorry everyone) and I can’t wait for him to help me grow and fine-tune this business. Matt has an MD from Christ Medical College, but prior to that, he graduated from UNC with a Business degree. He is a die-hard Tar Heel and a proud one at that. Also, he looks pretty cute at his desk.



A Word from Us


With all this said, we’d love to reintroduce ourselves.

We are a team of talented individuals ready to revolutionize your world.






















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