Project Overview:

After downsizing to a condo, these clients realized they wanted a bigger home again to host their children and grandchildren and to select high-quality items that portrayed their personality. The clients also wanted a dog so a deal was made, a larger home meant the addition of a dog. The home was fairly new, only 2 years old, and didn’t need any major work when our clients moved in, but they needed furnishings to fill a bigger home and wanted to add their modern style. We made minor changes including painting walls and cabinets, installing wallpaper, and changing light fixtures and mirrors. Along with all the new furniture, a major transformation happened and the client’s personality was infused into this home. Since the clients lean towards modern, geometric design, we selected items with clean lines to fill the home with modern touches.


In the Great Room, we added charcoal brick to the fireplace wall for an architectural grounding feature. Since the clients’ preferred way of viewing television is in recliners, we selected a comfortable and attractive pair that face the TV. Simple and modern solar panels were added to all the windows. Leather, upholstery, a subtle pattern on the rug, the burgundy ottoman, and a mix of wood and metal finishes add texture and interest to this room. To balance the fireplace wall we painted that back wall in the Kitchen a similar tone where we repeated it on the Kitchen island. 


The Great Room, Kitchen, and Dining Room were designed with hosting in mind. From the Kitchen and Great Room. you have visual access into the Dining Room through both the exposed dry bar and the sliding doors. The dry bar cabinetry was painted, and wallcovering was added to the opposite wall. Brass tones introduced in the Foyer furnishings continue throughout the home and you can see them here in the Dining table edge, cabinetry hardware, and buffet.  The oval dining table encourages conversation during between all.


The Master Bedroom repeats the deep blue of the Powder Room wallcovering. Soft upholstery balances masculine tones and modern clean lines. The cove ceiling was covered in shimmering paper to reflect the light that gently grazes it from the chandelier.


The Den displays the family memories on a gallery wall which were photographed by the client. Above the cabinetry, if you look closely, you can see that the wallcovering is actually strips of newspaper stitched together, providing a masculine touch to this Den. Guest Bedrooms are designed and ready for visitors or when the grandchildren sleep over. This home was transformed into a hosting space for this couple with their modern style in mind.


We’re currently working on their basement, golf simulator, bar, and outdoor oasis. Stay tuned!

We have really enjoyed working with Lauren Collander Interiors. Our new furnishings look fabulous and every piece is extremely comfortable. Tina has been wonderful to work with.

- Homeowner and Client

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